Center Insights

Prior editions of Center Insights, the newsletter of the Centers for Law and the Public's Health, are available at the links below:

Center Insights, Vol. 3, 1 (Spring 2006) - Current Issue

Compulsory Vaccination and Conscientious or Philosophical Exemptions: Past, Present, and Future - Stephen P. Teret

Assessing the Legality of Expedited Partner Therapy for STDs - James G. Hodge, Jr., Erin Fuse Brown

Pandemic Influenza: Ethical Allocation of Scarce Vaccines and Antivirals - Lawrence O. Gostin

The “New Public Finance” and Global Health - David P. Fidler

Global Health Governance Seminar Finds Challenges and Opportunities - Scott Burris

Environmental Public Health Tracking and the Law - Lance A. Gable

An Assessment of School Laws and Policies Concerning Child and Adolescent Health - James G. Hodge, Jr., Julia Samia Mair, Lance A. Gable

Center Comments on CDC’s Proposed Federal Quarantine Regulations - Ben Berkman

The Supreme Court and Violence Against Women: Challenges for Advocates - Jon S. Vernick, Lainie Rutkow

Center Insights, Vol. 2, 2 (Spring 2005)

The 100th Anniversary of Jacobsen v. Massachusetts: The Ongoing Relevance of a Public Health Classic - Lance A. Gable and Lawrence O. Gostin

Law and Policy to Reduce Risks Associated with Older Drivers - Jon S. Vernick, Stephen P. Teret, Julie Samia Mair

Defining the Right to Health: The Road Ahead - Lesley Stone

Zoning and Obesity - Julie Samia Mair, Stephen P. Teret

Center Collaborates with CSTE to Prepare New Report on the Distinctions between Public Health Practice and Research - James G. Hodge, Jr.

Update on the Revision of the International Health Regulations - David P. Fidler

Center Insights, Vol. 2, 1 (Winter 2005)

A Global Exchange for Population Health Law - Lawrence O. Gostin

Center Releases Three Checklists on Legal Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies - James G. Hodge, Jr., Jason W. Sapsin, Lance A. Gable

Center Launches Rapid Policy Assessment and Response Project in Eastern Europe - Scott Burris

Revision of International Health Regulations Continues - David P. Fidler

Incorporating Ethical Principles into Public Health Data Use Decisions - Lance A. Gable

Center Insights, Vol. 1, 2 (Fall 2004)

Center Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of Sick Florida Smokers - Stephen P. Teret

Center Funded by HRSA to Advise on Emergency System for Advanced Registration of Volunteer Healthcare Personnel (ESAR-VHP) - Lance A. Gable and James G. Hodge, Jr.

Remodeling the International Health Regulations - Lesley Stone

The Temple Health Law Workshop - Jason Sapsin

Pandemic Influenza: Preparedness for the Next Global Health Emergency - Lawrence O. Gostin

Center Insights, Vol. 1, 1 (Spring 2004)

Health of People: The Highest Law - Lawrence O. Gostin

The Turning Point State Public Health Act: A Tool For Assessing State and Local Public Health Laws - James G. Hodge, Jr.

Anthrax Vaccinations: Doe v. Rumsfeld - Julie S. Mair

Global Health Governance in the Wake of SARS - Scott Burris

Legal Preparedness for Public Healthy Emergencies: Emerging Projects - James G. Hodge, Jr.